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Book Appointments online

Salonist is a smart salon software that permits the customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments online from either website, app, or integrated Instagram and Facebook social media handles. Eliminate no-shows and double bookings and automates the overall booking process.

Slot blockers

Slot blockers block the length of the time slots in the calendar automatically when the Salon staff is busy or not on the shift. It, therefore, restricts either customers or staff from booking an appointment within that time frame. And shows, only the available slots.

Off hours booking

Our Salon management software gives customers the flexibility to book even outside business hours. This means that your Salon can have a lot of customers inflow even if you are off. Engage as many customers with your Salon with Salonist by allowing them to book conveniently anytime and from anywhere.

Package booking

Salonist makes it easy for the customers to book the packages as per their preferences. Our software allows the Salon owners to create packages of one or more services in one bunch and they can further offer it to the customers. It will help to increase Salons’ sales and revenue. Let the customers visit you time and again and improve loyalty with the customized Salon packages.

Membership booking

Membership booking in Salonist enables you to run the loyalty program. Allow the customers to secure the membership with you with some amount and get a discount each time they need service. Our membership system is an excellent way to increase customer retention rates and Salon growth.

Accept payment

Get payments for the services and purchases from the customers by synchronizing the Salonist booking widget with the Authorize.Net, Stripe, and PayPal quickly. Also, our integrated Point of Sale makes it seamless to accept all forms of payments from Online Salon Management Software.

Centralized inventory

Salonist's inventory control system centralizes the Salon products' list for more effective inventory management. Our Salon management solution tracks every unit and supports the transfer of stock between Salon locations and warehouses.

Audits reports

Salon scheduling software makes the inventory audit's pain error-free and tolerable. Our in-built capabilities assist you to conduct stock counts frequently and have organized reports. The integrated scanner and mobile app convert the audit process user-friendly, faster, and easily accessible.

Inhouse inventory

Our Salon management empowers you to track the consumed products smoothly and quickly. With Salonist's inventory management software, you can keep an eye on online and offline Salon orders and control the inhouse inventory effortlessly.


Get an extensive analysis of your Salon inventory and give higher transparency to your product count. In other words, only one of several reports the salon management software can provide. We offer a broad analysis of the inventory performance for the procurement managers, center managers, and accountants.

Transfer inventory

Knowing who has transferred inventory from the warehouse to Salon is easy with Salonist. Also, if you have several Salon branches then, transferring inventory between locations to reply to product shortages and demand. The same PO method can be used within centers, and the system can track inventory transfers and changes for each center.

Quantity alerts

Get notifications via SMS and mails of the requested products, stock transfers, and quantity alerts, etc. and control stock inventory of your Salon. Now, you can receive regular alerts of the inventory used and left so that you can maintain it on time.

Email marketing

With Salonist powerful and easy email marketing, you can send appointment confirmations, membership plans, birthday, and anniversary greetings to your potential customers. Encourage more appointments for your Salon and spa services, get higher revenue, increase bookings, and improve customer retention rate.

Get more reviews

Secure more customers and keep them loyal with the review system. Allow them to give feedback to your services and products via SMS and email using smartphones, tablets, etc. Get the real-time opinion of your customers and maximize profits from the cloud-hosted Salon management software.

Coupons management

Salonist allows you to offer coupons to your customers to gain a discount on renewal orders for any of the subscription services. Generate Salon and Spa Discount Coupons and manage multiple services without any hassles. Assure repeat business from your customers and maintain an array of discounts with your offerings.

Gift cards

Give personalized gift cards for some particular service or group of services to the potential customers and engage them with your Salon. Also, with a Salonist, the Salon owners or customers can offer gift cards to any of their loved ones on their birthday, anniversaries or other special occasions. The one who is receiving will get notified either via email or SMS.

Loyalty system

Delight and reward your customers with loyalty programs to improve the spending and frequency of their visits. Salonist acknowledges you to grant an effective and easy way to boost the strong base of the repetitive customers via customer referrals, customers' engagement, and customer's security with the loyalty system.

SMS campaigns

Stay in touch with your customers and send them promotional Campaigns, appointment reminders & confirmations, last Minute Appointment Openings, customer feedback & engagement, etc. with our Salon management software. Amplify your spendings and reduce no-shows and book more appointments and grow your Salon business.

Staff commissions

Choose Salonist and manage staff commission as you want. Craft one scheme for one or all employees for each team member or job title. You can set up commissions on the basis of the employee's net profit or gross sales they generate.


Carry out your Salon's payroll via all-in-one Salonist Salon software in an easy and error-free way. Find out payroll according to hours worked, leaves, salary, and the rewards as per the employees' attendance. Simply attach the commission profiles, configure the payroll, and edit the payroll employees with an easily accessible tab.

Easy scheduler

Now, you can simplify the Salon appointments, bookings, and scheduling with fast, simple, and easy Salon Software. Give our online scheduling software a try and manage your Salon workflow or schedule seamlessly.

KPI reporting

Provide employees with easy access to their appointments, work schedules, and guest profiles for the day, tips and commissions earned, and preferences, and their performance on KPIs. Know the efficient performers and encourage the Salon staff with an unbiased and transparent method to track performance.


Let the employees get notified with the notifications related to their daily schedule (all bookings, rescheduling or cancellations), commissions missed appointments. Salonist calendar booking system sends a reminder to your employees automatically of some major and essential affairs.

Stop shrinkage

Prevent employee theft and loss of income by reducing pilferage (even if it is a stock loss, appointment fraud, theft from the till, etc.). Our cloud-based Salon software assures your Salon of business safety and protection. Your Salon data is in safe hands!!


We do not let you compromise and assure you error-free features and functionalities for your Salon. Our white labeling Salon Software integrates, privacy, security, customer-friendly features, manage inventory, effective Point of Sale (POS). The Salonist has been made considering the basic Salon necessities in mind.

Customer Tracking

Find any information related to customers merely in some clicks and minutes with Salon booking software. Know their preferences (previously purchased products, the services have taken) and accordingly schedule their booking. View if there are some pending payments or appointments and notify for the same via SMS or email.


Send automated notifications to the customers to be on time for their appointments and eradicate the chances of no-shows. Additionally, the notifications can be sent for the daily deals, offers, upcoming appointments, pending payments, etc. and assure your business in-flow.

POS (Point of Sale)

Salonist's POS system handles the payments and checkout process easily and seamlessly. Get yourself assured that your Salon is selling more products with the POS and in return, control the commissions and stock levels for the staff. Moreover, manage the gift cards, cash drawer, and every transaction with our Salon Software.

Trash can

Many times, we delete the important data in a rush and regret it later. When you are using a Salonist, you do not need to repent. Now, you can get your deleted data from the trash and either restore or delete it permanently. It might be the customer's personal details, database or some bills, etc.


Salonist Salon Software shows you the real-time reports that indicate Salon's best path towards success and long term growth. Now, you can check the essential Salon performance statistics and gather key information. Our comprehensive reports include clients, sales, marketing, products, services, operations, online booking, employees, and marketing,

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